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De Lachende Cavalier (The Laughing Cavalier, after the painting by Frans Hals) is a bureau for historical research, writing & advice in media & film run by historian Marjolein Overmeer. De Lachende Cavalier can improve historical productions and projects by way of providing accurate advice on the contents, styling & setting.

De Lachende Cavalier undertakes historical research, provides advice and writes articles. Our emphasis is on European history between 1500 and 1900, with a specialisation in 17th century history and costume history. Our workingfield is written media (online or print) film and television. As well as advice on historically correct decor and costumes, issues such as the spirit of an age and social relations are given equal importance.

We offer the unique combination of historical knowledge and experience with film and TV productions. This means we can give you the historical information you need in a format you can work with, i.e. illustrated with a lot of pictures, summarized and ready for use. We are also used to work in a tight time frame and with a lot of last minute requests.

De Lachende Cavalier offers their support to all those who want to use the past as their backdrop, but who lack the know-how and/or time to carry out their own historical research. Authors, script writers, art departments of TV, film or game production companies, commercial makers and event organisers can all benefit from our services. (We advice to use professional research as your main source instead of doing all the historical research on the internet yourself because of all the errors online which you will not be able to recognize.)

You can find a list of projects and published articles under PORTFOLIO. De Lachende Cavalier has published historical articels for newspapers, websites and magazines like, Quest Historie, Oog-Magazine van het Rijksmuseum, Sp!ts Nieuws, en

De Lachende Cavalier provides tailor-made advice on request. We are able to give advice during all stages of your production, i.e. before the project commences and also during the process, for example by way of co-operating with an art director. A historical final check upon completion of your project is also one of our services.

We recommend that you arrange your initial consultation as early as possible in your project, as the more time we can invest in research, the more extensive our advice will be.   

To increase the numbers of visitors for your website and to get an higher ranking in the results of surch engines, we offer subscriptions on regular articles with historical subjects for your website.  

If you have any questions, would like further information, or are interested in De Lachende Cavalier’s services, please contact us by email: [email protected] You can find all address details on the Contact page.

We will contact you to arrange an appointment or provide you with further information as soon as possible.

The core of “De Lachende Cavalier” is formed by Marjolein Overmeer, who studied History, with a specialisation in Dutch History, at Leiden University. During her studies she undertook an internship with thé Dutch historical TV programme “Andere Tijden”. Here she worked on all phases of the production of several episodes, taking part in brainstorming sessions, editorial work, (visual-)research, interviews, filming on location, editing, production, web text writing etc. However, the programme was based mainly on eye witness interviews concerning 20th century events. De Lachende Cavalier’s passion lies more in the clothing and representation of pre-1900 history.

After graduation Marjolein Overmeer had begun De Lachende Cavalier, using the advantages of being a young entrepreneur with fresh ideas on historical business. Along with a great deal of our own knowledge, De Lachende Cavalier has access to a large network of specialists and external support, which can be called upon when required.

Fall 2010 Marjolein has done the course Styling for film, TV and theatre by TV-College to cooperate even better with the art department.

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